We are experts in Efficiency Work

Since 1992 we have saved our customers $Millions$ in energy savings. We provide you with turn key completed operations with typical paybacks of .5 to 1.5 years. Our expert staff has the knowledge and the tools to get your project nearly paid for by Utility Rebates and Tax credits. We go the extra mile, at no charge to you, by completing all preliminary and post job Incentives, Grant, and Tax Credit Applications for you. We work hand in hand with the Energy Trust of Oregon, Energy Smart, Pacific Power, PGE, PG&E, Bonneville, all local utilities, and the Oregon Department of Energy to ensure that your efficiency project gets the most dollars back from Incentives, Grants, and Tax Credits.  Contact us today to set up a free onsite audit and proposal.  Click here.

Efficiency Work

We have done years and years of research to find the Highest Quality and the Best Performance LED available on the market. Our studies lead us to LED Power, Inc.

LED,S 005 We are a stocking distributer for LED Power, Inc. We get our LEDs at Distributer pricing so we can pass on the savings to our customers. We have a wide variety of LEDs typically in stock; From Reach-In Case light bars to Retro Cans, Warehouse high/low bay, street lighting, strips, pucks, you name it. Wether you are a do-it yourselfer or need the project professionally installed; Give us a Call or shoot us an Email!!

Reach in Glass Door Cases:
Here is an example of what we can do for your Reach In Glass Doors…HO-LED comparison
You can see the difference between the old lights (6’ foot fluorescent Very High Output. pretty typical) and the New 30 watt LED light bars. The existing lighting load uses about 7,831 kWh per year per case. The new lighting load is about 841 kWh per year per case. Whats More? LEDs operate at a substantially lower Temperature than the VHO lamps. So, not only are there lighting load savings, there are compressor savings because all that warm air produced by the VHO lamps doesn’t have to be cooled down again! The compressor savings is 2,996 kWh per year per case. Now, A typical store will have around (12) 5-door cases. Do the Math!! That’s 119,832 kWh savings per Year. What!! That adds up to about $8,388.00 per year in energy savings. This job paid for itself in 6 months!!
Thats an ROI of 200%!! Hows the Stock Market been treating you lately??

Lighting Upgrades:
216m-smDay Electric, Inc has done thousands of lighting upgrades for hundreds of customers. Our satisfaction is in knowing the project has saved them $ millions $ in energy savings and left them with a smile.

Lighting Technology has advance very rapidly in the last few years. We are getting much more savings than ever before with better quality of light (NO flicker, NO noise, more color rendering) and twice the Lumen Output. Give us a call or shoot us an email so we can get your project rolling with a No Obligation, free on-site audit/proposal and pre/post completed applications. We’d love to hear from you!



Trade Ally:
Day Electric, Inc is a proud Trade Ally of the Energy Trust of Oregon.  We stay up to date with the latest programs to get you the best incentives possible for your project.

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